FAN Members Learn How Williamsburg Chamber of Commerce’s Supports Our Local Community


Aprril MeetingClub members enjoyed an informative session with a lively Q & A on Friday, April 1 with our speaker Ms. Terry Banez, the Executive Director of the Williamsburg Chamber of Commerce.


Major thrusts for the Chamber are to support small busines development and to encourage JCCC & Williamsburg residents to shop locally, which gives back to our community and provides employment for our residents. 

Some “did you knows?”

-The Chamber includes over 600 businesses with standing committees that include health care, education, military affairs, and economic growth and development.  

- Signature Chamber supported events, such as the Christmas Parade, Octoberfest, and an annual gala add to community spirit and enjoyment.

-The Chamber is once again sponsoring trips, so if you are interested in travel, you may want to investigate the September 3-11, 2022 trip to Greece which includes stops in Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, and Peloponnese