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Calendar of Events

Fall 2023 - Spring 2024

  • October 6th - Jane Hohensee presents Jamestown-Yorktown museums "behind the scenes" look.
  • November 3rd - Jack Gary, Director of Archaeology at CW Foundation Presentation on the current projects including the dig on the site of the Mansion and Gardens of John Custis IV, (1678-1746), the first father-in-law of Martha Washington.
  • December 1st - Holiday Celebration:  Catered Dinner and Ford’s Colony Dance Band
  • January 5th - Brian Mann, Director of Athletics, William and Mary
  • February 2nd:- 2nd Annual Trivia Night
  • March 1st - Cabaret Night, music by Tony Mata
  • April 5th - TBD
  • May 3rd: TBD
  • June 7th - End of Year, Summer Barbeque