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Constitution Discussion

Chris CollinsAt the Club’s May 6th program Ford’s Colony’s own Chris Collins gave a presentation on the early history of our nation’s Capital. Members learned how the site for the Capital was selected, and how the Federal City was planned, funded, and developed, focusing primarily on the White House and the Capitol.

A couple of interesting points:

  • The Constitution granted Congress the authority to establish a 10-mile square Federal District for the Federal Capital and in 1790 Congress empowered President Washington to choose the location for  the District and choose the plans for the Federal City and the federal buildings-but authorized no funds for this effort. An early example of an "unfunded mandate".

  • Any idea that President Washington was aloof or “above the fray” is dispelled by his actions in establishing the Federal City.  Even though he had never visited Europe, he had read and studied about its cities extensively. He had a clear vision for the Federal City, and was heavily involved in the city’s design and the architecture of key buildings. He showed keen business skills in procuring the land for the city from a number of farm owners and initiating construction with no allocated funds.



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